⟶ lucky star (rewatching)


⟶ elden ring
⟶ emily the strange: strangerous
⟶ paper mario: origami king
⟶ ghost trick


⟶ HxH: rereading from ch352
⟶ berserk
⟶ shimeji simulation

warning: i have NO idea what im talking about, i just run my mouth

update log


media page up! music page up! music page now has log, collection, thought, and show pages up.


aka media that changed my life. not to be confused with media i really like, as there are plenty of those not listed here

favorite manga
yotsubato, parakiss, bizenghast, liar game

favorite anime
hunter x hunter, macross frontier

favorite movies
spirited away, moulin rouge

favorite music
i love all music
but iglooghost and kai whiston changed my life

favorite games
animal crossing (population growing), portal 2, yume nikki, l4d2, minecraft (creative), maplestory