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iglooghost - neo wax bloom
two copies

the very first copy i own was bought second hand (gifted to me by my best friend) from the first press, supposedly new without the wrap but i think that's a lie because the risograph booklet has a huge fold in it. while i was thankful to own a copy because i thought the album was never going to repress, i was so heartbroken it was just not in mint condition! lucky me they ran a repress that was only being sold as merch on the LLE tour, so now i have a copy i can play and a mint copy to keep collecting dust in all its perfect glory, just like a consoomer collector should. i wouldn't do this for many albums i swear, this is just an exception because this album is my life. it comes with a risograph printed booklet explaining the NWB timeline and vinyl stickers of characters from the universe! iglooghost's creative vision never fails to amaze and impress me.

nujabes - impressions

honestly. mainly speechless about this one. my pride and joy. it was just sitting for me to pick up like it knew i was coming.

c418 - minecraft

i am super curious to hear how this will sound!! what a way to listen to a game soundtrack. my stupid ass should just buy all the releases i like in the future because i actually missed this (in hindsight i probably couldn't even buy it since i was overseas and they sold out in minutes apparently) but my best friend knew i'd regret it so he picked it up for me as a gift. thank GOD he did because i am so happy to have this in my collection! i will never forgive myself for missing kai whiston's drayan press. baby's FIRST record release and i didn't support him. i'm a bad fan.

mass of the fermenting dregs - no new world

big love and happiness

gone with the wind soundtrack

not going to make my excuses for enjoying (parts of) this movie here but you just can't deny the beauty and grandiosity of this OST (and vivien leigh)

phoenix - ti amo

not my favorite phoenix album by far but the earliest phoenix release i was old enough to know about and purchase after having a part time job. i missed bankrupt by 4 years sadly which is very high up on my favorites list from the band. i think ti amo is a very, very, very, very ok album and i don't think i have gone back to listen to it again since its release BUT… the record and cover design is very pretty!

the strokes - is this it

received as gift from best friend. sadly not the better album cover


lots of random classical and jazz records i've picked up from the cheapo bins at music stores.