relistened to lorn's ask the dust today and GOD it's just so good. i honestly think if it were released today (originally released in 2013; god, it's been out a whole decade?) it would have a higher rating than what it has on RYM rn. it always blows my mind how modern and current so much electronic music feels no matter how much time has passed, especially IDM. will there come a time when it feels really outdated?? i always feel so lucky that i was born in an era where i can see this genre progress and develop so widely, especially with the internet now.

there are so many unique and industrial textures throughout this entire album but the way they all come together to produce something kind of brooding and subtlely ominous is done so successfully. i think there are a lot of abrasive samples used but none of the tracks ever feel really 'rough' or 'harsh', just really atmospheric. i don't know how he does it. i would still like to give it a more proper, conscious listen but i really enjoyed what i was able to get from it today.

i haven't really listened to music for a while now; at first i figured it was just the couple of months i was overseas + january… but i think it's been much longer. i guess i really have been in a mood. tbh lately i've even been reconsidering if i love films and movies as much as i say i do but i can say with confidence that music will always be a consistent consonant of importance in my life… something i can never doubt my love for. despite that, i don't think i've been listening as intentionally and frequently as i used to for almost like a whole year now. my rym 2022 list is dead and quiet with like maybe 20 entries. my 1k electronic music list has been untouched for over a year now. i couldn't tell you any good releases or discoveries from 2022. it makes me kind of sad, like it's proof that my brain mold has contaminated me that intensely for that long… but i guess it never means i don't deeply love music. listening to music always feels like it should be intentional to me, like the way you'd focus your attention on watching a movie or reading a book. i don't feel much less chaotic inside lately but it's really nice to pick up my headphones and be able to feel euphoria and love from listening to such good things again. i always go on about how i've never felt like i belonged somewhere but having my headphones on and listening to something good always makes me feel like myself and like i'm home.

also; i missed the herman miller sale so i think i will just use all of my work's wellness money on setting up an ok sound system.