too far gone to feel normal but not well versed enough
in anything to ever be a part of something, even
here on the internet where i grew up.
at the very least, that's how i feel anyway

about me

mid 20s / usa
9-5 working ant designer


nighttime drives on empty freeways / discovering quiet,
beautiful pockets of the world / archiving mundane details of daily living / trying new eats (especially snacks from around
the world) / being perfectly understood


music / movies / animanga / drawing / design + designing */
video games / sewing / crafts ** / keychains + tiny things /
3d gfx / toys / fashion / photography

i'm always stuck at a crossroad when explaining i 'design' or enjoy 'design'. i feel like most laypeople will go straight to 'fashion'? (or at least in the past.) but i like more than just my major's design which was graphics. i feel really passionately about the concept of 'design' and how at its core, it's problem solving (and how at its core's core, it's embedded with the strings of human history!). not to put on my little work boots and parrot the monologue all designers seem to love saying, but problem solving is my passion (next to pretty things) and i love that design majors get to design devise an affective solution and make them look beautiful. or at the very least, try and make them look beautiful! ha!

i majored in graphics but am passionate about all kinds of design: namely fashion, graphics, motion, interior, industrial, and product.
i love design and am embarrassed that despite its being my major, i still know very little about it and its history. i hope to start a page on my website where i get to learn more and share what i find with you too.

also, inb4 why is your site design so bad if you design for a living. i know this type is too small to be good UX design... sorry

recently i have gotten into beading to make keychains. (i visited japan in 11.2022 and came home with a realization that i should and will indulge in my deep, deep love for keychains, gachapons, and miniatures because life is just too short not to fully invest myself in things that make me happy no matter how silly they seem.) i am also dying to get into sculpting / claymaking and ceramics. check out my craft log (soon to come)

currently learning

html+css (duh!) / japanese / 3d+blender

programs i use

Ps / Ae / Id / Ai / Figma / Cinema4D / procreate

if you'd like to read more about me & the media i like,
look forward to my media log



media log
craft log