thanks for tagging along ₍ᐢ. ̫.ᐢ₎
welcome to my little world

this is just a transfer stop so you can go anywhere you want from here. things are heavily under construction for now but if you do find a path, most roads will take you to somewhere in my thoughts.



hi and welcome!

i started this site because i have too many thoughts and not enough outlets. i don't have much experience in html/css so i was apprehensive about creating a website but i love that i can house all of my interests, hobbies, and thoughts in one place.

i've never been too good with social media but i have always yearned to share my brain worms with others and feel like i belong somewhere. i think building my own little world on the internet is the perfect step to creating a place i can be a person in.

some of this will be for me to speak into a void, some will be for me to log my memories, and some will be for me to remember who i am, what i like, and even who i want to be.

i ramble on and on and on to myself but if even one other person happens to enjoy my silly little thoughts i think that'll make me happy enough to last me a lifetime.

thank you for making the journey here,
and i hope you'll enjoy your stay



just a really short craft log update

new silly little page

added craftlog and windowsill!

big update! launch of media page and music page, plus an update to the photography page.
there are some errors but i am excited that i figured out iframes, even though the code is a mess.

launch of the photography page!
the page isn't perfect but i wanted it to be quiet so the photos could be enjoyed properly.

launch of the about page...
not very happy with what i finished with but it's something off my shoulders to have another page up...

launch of the homepage!
it's just the beginning and there is so much more to do but i am excited to build everything out. next is the about me
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