an ascii bus stop

hi! here's your ticket. it's a one time purchase that allows you to travel anywhere here. don't worry about the fee. i got you covered ₍ᐢ. ̫.ᐢ₎



i work full time (and
am chronically tired)
so the site will likely be slow to update. the site is also forever in progress! ₍ᐢ. ̫.ᐢ₎



half a todo list for myself

about me // self explanatory
media log // page for my favorites, logs, and thoughts of all the media i'm consuming including: movies, animanga, music, shows, games (and maybe books if i cure my illiteracy of late)
craft log // all the random little things i make with my hands
photography // a journal of sorts
learnings // a place where i try to learn more and share what i learn with you. currently planning on creating pages focusing on design history and kanji
minecraft // showcasing me and my best friend's minecraft builds
gifting // small treasures from life


a house in a field

the windowsill // a small corner where i ramble to myself about a variety of different things. makeshift journal, random rants, random musings.
kitchen // a place for me to document and write about food i eat and my cooking
pantry // a log of all the new snacks i enjoy taste testing
toy room // try your luck at my gachapon! or come look at my little collection of keychains, toys, and tiny things